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Fruits, Vegetables and Health

The health benefits from eating vegetables and fruits cannot be denied.  Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables can help to prevent many diseases and help us to improve our day life.

How many total servings a day of fruits and vegetables should we consume?  The latest USDA dietary guidelines call for 5 to 13 servings of fruits and vegetables per day. 

A balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables supply other benefits as well.  Most vegetables are low in calories.

The Era of Frozen Foods

Frozen products are stored at their summit in freshness which allow to maintain their nutritional characteristics at their best too. 
IQF products are one of the market trends with the higher growing in the last time. Today is more developed with a cultural tendency to consume every day healthy foods and saving time in preparation.

World wide, consumers look for price convenience, quality and diversity. The preferences of consumers for foods that can be similar to a fresh product, has led to the increase in the supply of frozen products processed with improved technology in freezing which allows processors to offer better quality each day.

Most of consumers are favoring the use of frozen products instead of fresh, because of the benefits these can offer:  long storage, keeping organoleptic qualities similar to freshness, consistency, quality and availability all year round. 

The Era of Frozen Foods
Our products

In case you still do not know much about frozen foods and you are interested in having more information on the characteristics of these products here some important facts:

The manufacturing process helps to preserve the nutritional value of foods, stop its natural process of degradation and prevents the development of microorganisms.

Camposano´s Frozen Fruits and vegetables are prepared exclusively from the finest fruits from Chile and Ecuador using fresh, clean and sound raw materials that are harvested and taken directly to the processing plants where they are sorted, washed, processed and finally packed in master cartons or drums.

These fruits pulps are 100% natural food and contain no additives or preservatives of any kind. Their processing meets the Highest Quality standards. 

Come and try them! We wait for your inquiries!

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