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Camposano Export is S.A. a family own company. Our history starts with Agrícola Oscar Ahués, a farm located at 40 km to the South of Santiago, producer of fresh fruits, and specially dedicated to the growing and production of the finest Table Grapes. Camposano Export S.A. was born in 2006 as a commercialization subsidiary of Agrícola Oscar Ahués S.A. and started exporting only products of their own production. Today, the whole business is managed by Pedro Bustos Romo-Leroux and his son Emiliano Bustos Mangel who is directly involved as Camposano´s CEO.

Along the last couple of years, Camposano Export has worked and focused in becoming one leading company in the exportation of High Quality products based on the world tendency and customer’s requirements, every day more demanding.

Counting with our own packing and storage facilities for fresh fruits production, our major concern is quality and we are confident of that due to our great expertise over the past 30 years.

Taking the advantage of this experience and counting with the knowhow and the best people in the business, Camposano Export initiated in 2007 a new area dedicated exclusively to the frozen foods business. First with IQF vegetables and fruits and from this year on we are introducing a full range of Frozen Fruits Pulps and purees from Chile and Ecuador.

Our business in Ecuador is today supported by the recent opening of our office in Quito.

While in Chile, we are proud to introduce a new division of dried fruits that will be available from 2009 onwards. Our main products will be Raisins and Prunes, various qualities and sizes.

Based on the continuous growing of the demand of preserved foods, frozen and dried, it is in these two areas where Camposano will be focusing their energies in the near future. Thus, we wait for your inquiries.

Product Portfolio

IQF Fruits from Chile: Raspberries – Blackberries- Strawberries
IQF Tropical Fruits from Ecuador: Pineapple - Passion Fruit – Mango - Papaya
IQF Vegetables Chile and Peru: Asparagus Spears - Wild Mushrooms


Globally, it is expected that the supply of raspberry will fall 7% during crop 2008/09. Chile will be the second world producer of the species.

During the 2007/08 season, the international price of frozen raspberries recorded the highest level that can be remembered. Poor harvests in Europe and Chile explain the phenomenon...

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Office Chile
Camposano Export S.A.
Address: Huerfanos 979, Of.515
Chile Phone-Fax: (56 2) 671 5309

Office Ecuador
Camposano Export S.A. Address: Eloy Alfaro N32-541
y Shyris Of.10
Edificio Nuevo Solar
Quito, Ecuador
Phone: (592 2) 225 2542
Fax: (593 2) 225 1421

Agrícola Oscar Ahués
Fundo El Remanso S/N
Sector Campusano
Buin, Chile